Friday, December 11, 2009

What is Going on with the FT Website?

The Financial Times' website is an incomprehensible mess. Just yesterday, I was looking for a phone number and found two separate places to get a one year print subscription: one cost $99 and the other was $398. Felix Salmon has already discussed their strategy with's managing director almost a year ago, and at that time it seemed as though paywalls and truncated rss feeds would be the norm. Now, it appears that some things may be gradually changing.
A few days ago they rolled out a new blogger, Banquo. Though it's early to get the tone of the blog, he appears to be sop to the zero hedge crowd: an"insider" who hates the system and holds radical views that are so controversial he can't use his own name. Though the blog may be lame, there is one plus: a full rss feed. I quickly checked Alphaville and Gideon Rachman to see if this has become the new norm, but unfortunately this development is limited to Banquo.
(Sidenote: yesterday I saw a USA Today lying on someone's lawn. That's right, someone actually subscribes to USA Today! I thought people only read it because they were forced to in hotels.)

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